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Jonesin' For a Show!

It's been awhile since we've played out live   We should really change that. We've moved from "The Compound" back to the bombshelter. Cool to socialize with other bands, but it is clear out in the B.F. north end. Truth is, we're all really happy to have a place to play, regardless where it is.



Past Pist Pass-A-Fist Posts



Return of Bronko Nation

We Played Live at Turners on Saturday November 17th   We had a pretty damn good show on Saturday 17 November at Turners. Jake, Bronko, Jon, Dan and I thank Jesse for steppin in here and there. A good time was had by most. Iv added videos in the Videos & Music section. I'll be adding more as I finish them ~ enjoy!


Pist Sixth Return

We had an awesome show on August 11th   playing live at Turner's Lounge in Boise. Even with a late start and major mic problems for Bronko, the show turned out well. The band sounded good and felt great about how they were playing together. "the best live show I've done" says Jon. And Donovan agreed, adding "It felt good to be playing in front of people; I wish there were more, but fuck it." Check out the newly added videos in the Videos & Music section. ~ enjoy!


Saint Pist o' Fist

We had a great time at the St. Pist O Fist show   \m/ (St. Patty's Day) March 17th we played live at Turner's Lounge in Boise. After a rough, pre-music start, we ended up having a great time and playing some fun, and sometimes somewhat accidentally great music. Check out the Videos & Music section, I've added some videos from the show ~ enjoy!

Thank you all who came out to see us. As always we appreciate the hell out of you!


Ghoulish Music and Theatrics

The Turners Halloween Show  turned out great. We played a gig on Saturday, October 29th at Turners Lounge in Boise. There was a pretty decent turnout, though we did scare a few people off with the volume level \m/ Those present got to witness whatever crazy shit Bronko could dream up. Including the now available video from the show called Baby Pist. Check the Music & Videos section of this site for the youtube feed and come back to see some of the other videos that'll get posted as soon as I finish with them.


Russ Martin Joins the Pist Crew for Live Turner's Gig

Much thanks to Russ Martin for joining us last-minute for a live performance I won't soon forget. Although we were doing pretty damn well during our first set, Russ joined us for our next three sets, melding in as if we'd actually played together before. Some select audio will soon be available on this site, as will links to youtube videos (which are being uploaded in glorious HD... (don't forget to change the quality setting on the video, pop that sum-bitch full screen, and crank the sound!)

Special thanks go out to Amber for the great backdrop and to Keppy for taking awesome pictures and video.

Last but not least, we want to express our appreciation to those of you who have come out to see us play. THANK YOU!


Pist Pass-A-Fist Gets Name in Lights but VFW Show Underwhelms

In all fairness we played some good music; however, the energy level at the VFW show left much to be desired. Add to that major mic problems for Bronko, shitty video and a sparce audience and you get a fairly frustrating evening. In commenting on the video, Donovan said

"The video is poop... the stage area was too dark, I had the camera at a bad angle, it was too dark, I totally forgot to hit record and missed the entire the second half, and did I mention that it was too dark?!?"



  •  We my be playing somewhere else sometime soon, we'll let you know when we do. \m/ Pist Pass-A-Fist


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